I Want None Of It - New Single


By the title of the song you might think this is an angry ex girlfriend anthem, but that couldn't be further from the truth. "I Want None Of It" is the journey of a girl who finally finds closure in a long overdue, on and off relationship that has held her back for so long. Now that she has made the final cut, she can move forward with peace and accomplish anything.

I Miss Home Official Music Video


This song speaks about home as a point in time rather than a destination. It captures the emotion of missing life as a child when you had other people making your decisions. I Miss Home is a song that everyone can relate to at some point in their life. Cherry Avenue released this song with their producer Chris Goff to launch their movement in positive country music, 

Cherry Avenue Debut EP

With the release of their debut EP and feature single I Miss Home, Cherry Avenue is bringing back the country they once loved with a modern twist. A Goff House Music production striving to push a shift to faith based country.




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